About Us

We were just like one of you. We were really into collecting comic books, with all their lore and captivating stories. We loved diving into different stories, with the perfect blend between art and writing. 

One problem.

They were too expensive.

Comics in 1975 cost 25 cents. Translate that into 2019 dollars and you get $1.20 for a single issue. 

Comics now cost anywhere between $2.99(which isn't very common) all the way to $9.99

That doesn't make any sense.

Due to rising everyday costs, we couldn't support our hobby anymore. It was getting too expensive. Simple.

Then, after raising some money, we decided to start sabr. We at sabr are determined to sell comics for much cheaper than the normal retail value.

Currently, our December sale is going on, where everything, from comics to Trade Paperbacks are all 40% off. Really

So check us out, we're serious about this thing, If you find somewhere else that's cheaper than us, send us a link and we'll price match it for you.